Josef-Greising-Schule Würzburg

An der Josef-Greising-Schule in Würzburg, einer Berufsschule für Bautechnik, hat die Lehrerin Sabine Schilling, die schon früher in anderen Gemeinden für die VRO aktiv war, eine Weihnachtsaktion zur Unterstützung des BPTC Kuangabasa initiiert.

Frau Sabine Schilling
Tiefe Gasse 6
97084 Würzburg
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Brief der Josef-Greising-Schule an ihre Partner in Indien

Dear Indian partners and friends,

We are glad to support you from the Josef-Greising-School with a Christmas gift from pupils and teachers to set up a carpenter workshop in your basic productivity center. The Josef-Greising-school is a competence center for education of construction professionals in wood processing, brick layering, road making, channel construction,…  

In many construction disciplines a master degree can be acquired in this school. The name Josef Greising  remembers a well recognized technical designer from the baroque period, who was responsible for famous buildings in the city of Wuerzburg.
Wuerzburg is located in central Germany and has 130000 inhabitants. This city was founded more than 1300 years ago at the river Main and is one of the historic German cities. The mild climate enables wine growing on the hills.  It is dominated by an old castle and the bishop’s residence is listed as UNESCO world heritage. In Wuerzburg Professor Roentgen discovered the x-rays.
Our school wanted to assist with this gift international partnership. In particular with this contribution to a carpenter workshop the education of young people in practical construction skills should be supported.
Information display about Kuangbasa and VRO in our school

We wish you good success in setting up this carpenter workshop and would be glad to receive the report from the visit of the group from Sonnenhaus Beuron.

With our best wishes    



Inzwischen sind die Jahresberichte VEE-Perecherla und CEE-Perecherla für das Jahr 2018/2019 sowie Erfolgsgeschichten für die beiden Projekte online abrufbar. Sie finden alles im Bereich Downloads auf unserer Webseite.